Tuesday, 17 April 2012


This is one page from a storyboard I thought of. I was told I could use my medieval village as an environment so I did that and made a story about a thief robbing one of the shops, with guards from 2 points of the village coming to capture him. This was the best sheet out of all of them, the 3rd out of 5. After being cornered by guards, he takes his sword out and defeats them all. He quickly gets a child off a horse, jumps on and flees the village up the slope with his bag of loot.

Armour concept

For this assignment I had to create a set of armour. I instantly thought of making a sleek, neat piece of armour seen in futuristic games such as Mass Effect. I wanted to make him a sort of enemy character, as a standard guard type of enemy, no one special. So I gave him basic shiny black armour, with a simple helmet. I also gave him unusual shaped eyes to make him look more evil, with a sinister red colour to it. I am happy with this but would of liked to have made him look much shinier.

Elven Weapon Set

Our next project was to create a weapon set of 4 weapons. A heavy weapon, one-handed, two-handed and a concealed weapon. I like my RPG games and the medieval era so chose to stick to those sort of weapons with an Elven style. The twisted bow was actually done by mistake from copying and flipping and layer but then I actually liked it and stuck with it. The battleaxe and sword have got patterns on their handles along with an enchantment embedded into the sword. As for the concealed weapon it is a wrist cuff the player would wear, with poison darts attatched that can fire at enemies in front without giving them much time to think.

Vehicle and Driver

For this project I had to make a vehicle of any type along with a suitable driver. I got inspiration for my vehicle from watching an episode of Top Gear and seeing some amazing cars built in the 1930's using engine from old WWII bomber planes. The result meant they had 43-47 litre engines, with fire bursting out causing tremendous speed in such an odd shaped car. It was just amazing to watch.

After getting this idea, I wanted to create a steampunk version along with a steampunk female driver but due to time constrictions it ended up being a more modern racing-type of car with a female driver. I gave her a matching uniform to the car to look as though they were both part of an official race.


For the first project of the second semester. We had to create an environment based on an area of Manchester. I chose to focus on the Urbis gardens near the printworks. The slope to the right is supposed to be the urbis building with the castle being the music college, which is very similarly shaped to my castle. I liked the idea of creating a medieval environment, as I instantly saw the shape of the music college and then pictured the rest of the village. I played with different brushes and opacities to try and make a painting affect as well as texturing the building and floor. Overall I like how it turned out.


For this project I had to make two characters of different ethnicities to practise drawing them, as we are all so used to drawing people of our own skin colour. I chose to do a cool-looking Japanese guy and a black jogger. I think I have got the features and skin tones quite realistic but as you can see I did end up spending too much time on both of their trainers (another passion of mine as well as video games)

Mage Character

This project was supposed to be for a different media project. I was going to sculpt this into an actual figurine but due to time and lack of knowledge of sculpting, I ended up doing a Photoshop version. I think the end result is nice and I like how it does look like she's casting a sort of healing spell. I also like the gradient background as it helps to portray that the mage is innocent and not evil like most.